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At the core, every Christian wants to lead a fruitful life and a life that is pleasing to God. Regular Bible Study under the guidance of the Holy Spirit can help us to lead the good Christian life we desire. After accepting Christ as our Lord and personal saviour, we are encouraged to grow as Christians by attending church, fellow-shipping, prayer, and Bible study.

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There are many methods of studying the Bible, some of which are topical Bible study, devotional study, character study and a few others. Some of these methods are more effective for different categories of people. Other methods are simply not effective. We cannot recommend a particular type of study method since each method has its specific uses and benefits. You can find more on these types here. What we recommend is that, whatever method you use for the main Bible study, you try and commit a few verses to memory. We have provided some tools for memorizing Bible verses, study, and for revision. All these verses can also be downloaded.

What we do

This site compiles 100 of the most common Bible verses which you are encouraged to memorize. Yes, 100 !!! Seems a lot, but there are tools to help you achieve it or at least attempt it. They have been grouped in batches of 25 verses with the most commonly used verses labelled as Batch 1 (blue). Batch 2 (green) is also fairly common. Batch 3 (yellow) and Batch 4 (red) are not so common but heavily used by pastors in preaching.

We understand how difficult it is to make extra time in the week for real Bible study. Even when you start this practice, it takes extra effort to keep it up and you will usually lose steam after some time because the Bible is perceived as such a daunting book. Not anymore!!! On this site, we provide easy tools to assist you to memorize some common verses. These verses can then encourage you to study further at your own pace and with your own methods.

You can set your Bible study targets, track your progress, choose a study buddy, share your progress on social media and many more. We also have interesting articles in our blog section which we will keep updating.

Start today by registering or zoom straight into study mode and register later. Enjoy yourself and give us feedback.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on info@biblestudysystems.com with your feedback and suggestions. Thank you.