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The Story

Bible Study Systems is simply a website to help people to study the Bible. That's it. We have started by selecting 100 of the most commonly used verses and provided tools to help memorize them. There is a Bibe Study Systems mobile app that has some of the key functions of this website. The app, which runs on the Android platform has a 'Bible Study' section and a 'Revision' section.
One of my aims this year was to memorize 100 Bible verses and meditate on it. In fact, I carried that resolution over from last year unachieved. As the weeks and months keeps progressing, it's appearing more and more difficult to achieve this year too. So I've tweaked the resolution 🙂 Now I want at least 100 people to memorize at least one verse and I would have achieved my aim. Bible study systems website and Mobile app were developed to make this as easy as possible.

So help me achieve my aim by memorizing at least one new scripture every week.

Bible Study Systems

Next Steps...

You can study the selected verses in the Study section and after study, revise here. You can also register and download the verses and carry along with you. Most importantly, make sure you download the Mobile App onto your Android phone and carry your memory verses with you wherever you go. 

Happy Bible Study !!!